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Furnace Repair

A clean and well-maintained furnace can keep you and your family safe and therefore save you money on your monthly bill. Failure to perform annual maintenance on your gas furnace may result in ineffective operation, and consequently, in some cases, dangerous exposure to carbon monoxide. Absolute Comfort uses the newest high tech equipment to check the operation of your furnace, additionally, when furnace repairs are needed Absolute Comfort can repair your furnace and ensure safety within your home.   We will check:

Goodman Furnace
  1. Levels of carbon monoxide
  2. Visually inspect heat exchanger
  3. Vacuum & clean burners & heat exchanger
  4. Check & oil motor
  5. Inspect flue pipe
  6. Controls
  7. Safety features
  8. Check for gas leaks
  9. Check & adjust burners
  10. Check & adjust the pilot
  11. Wiring integrity
  12. Check & clean blower
  13. Check & adjust pulleys & belt
  14. Check temperature rise
  15. Check & adjust the thermostat
  16. Check complete operation of the furnace
  17. Check filter

Only $69.50 + tax

*Additional parts extra

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